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The Roof Do Over

The Roof Do Over

It is time to redo your roof. Maybe because a storm did some damage, or maybe because time just says it needs to be done, either way you have choices ahead of you. There are so many options to choose from but it comes down to whether you want a metal roof or asphalt shingles. So these are the two types of roofs we will compare. Then maybe you can see what you want and begin the process of looking for a roofer in Victoria or roofing contractor to complete your roof.

What is your budget for a roof

Your budget is going to play a big role on what you choose. A metal roof is going to cost more upfront. Let me explain why they cost more upfront. Metal is more expensive than asphalt. Metal roofs require more training to be able to install. Metal roofs cannot be modified on the spot. Therefore, you will have to pay more up front to have an experienced contractor install the more expensive material.

In the long run a asphalt roof is going to need more repairs on a regular basis. They will not stand up to wind and storms like a metal roof now. You may want to expand your budget to be able to spend more upfront because it will save your budget later on down the road.

Roofing: It takes time

If you are looking to get done in a hurry, it is not likely that a metal roof will work for you. Metal roofing material is hard to find. It has to be made into sheet sizes that are made to fit your home. That means you have to be able to have the time to order it and wait for it to be made available to you. You may also need time for your contractor to make more modifications. They usually cannot be done on the spot, it requires special tools and machines. So if you are on a tight timeline you may have to go with a asphalt roof.

Roof Durability

Overall if you need a durable roof that will last for years then your only real option is to choose a metal roof. They last up to 17 years in most cases. They do not need maintained. They are weather and fire resistant. They also sound great in a summer storm. The pitter patter of the rain is a sound that can not be beat.

When it comes to your home’s overall value, it does not matter what choice you make. Both choices will raise the value of your home. The only difference in home value is that a metal roof will lower your insurance more than an asphalt roof. Just take your time and you will see the best choice for you and your home.

Before The First Veterinarian Visit


You love your pet. You want to take the best care possible for your pet. The first thing you need to do is find a Courtenay vet. Now this ideally should be done before you adopt. Sometimes, however, it cannot be arranged until after you receive your pet. There are some tips to help you make sure that you find the vet for you.


The basis of any research is to ask questions. The questions that you ask are just as important as who you ask them to. Ask your family and friends who that use and why. You want to know they like their vet and how there vet reacts to problems. Is the vet always available for questions or concern? Do they make you feel empowered by the end of the visit? You know your pet better than vet because you spend more time with them. Does your vet respect that you have instincts and know when your pet is not acting right? You want your vet to respect you as much as you respect them.

Social media is a great place to start your research. Get an idea of what other pet parents think about a vet. Remember a negative experience on a site does not mean that they are a bad vet. There are going to be problems, it is how the problems are resolved that makes the biggest difference.


Make sure that you know your pet’s breed and understand what, if any, special needs your pet may have. Take the time to understand where your pet is coming from. This is very important if you are rescuing a pet from a shelter. Where your pet came from and what circumstances you are getting them from can affect how they respond to a new owner and a veterinarian.


Okay so this is the not so fun part of any vet visit. However, you need to contact your potential office to see if they require paperwork on your pet. This can include adoption papers, shot records, and any situation your pet may have been in. They may request different information for their records that they can fax over to you so that you can have them completed for your visit.

In your paperwork you may want to include any questions you may have concerning your pet or their care. For instance, you may want to know what kind of flea and tick treatment that you can get for your pet. You may also want to know what kind and how much food to feed them. Also, you can ask for references.

Whether you are adding a pet to your family or just changing veterinarians, it is essential that you are prepared for your visit. This is a important part of pet ownership so take it seriously and you are not likely to have to repeat it.

Real Estate Tips For You

Real estate is a property which is consist of land, and might have building on it. It also includes the natural resources like crops, water, minerals and other resources. In the real estate industry, there are some tips that you must know and consider.

• Do The Small Things (Sellers)
Small things like timing the bushes is a big thing for the buyers. Even cleaning the walkways and change out the rags on the entrance door will have an impact for the buyers. It may appear clean and neat to the buyers and may give them beautiful and good impression. There are many small things that you can consider to have a nice experience with this industry.

sell real estate• Sell With Season’s Touch (Sellers)
Selling a real state property is not that easy. There are lot of things to do and efforts to win a buyer. This tip may help you to win their heart. Have a motif for your house depending to the season. If the season is winter, you may add some pine-cone centerpieces. If the season is summer you may add a basket full of fresh fruits and you may hang some fresh flowers in the living room and in other part of the house.

• Transparency is The Best Policy (Sellers)
The honest person always wins. Transparency always plays a major role in all transactions. Buyers may have inspectors and investigators to know everything about your home and property. Honesty may give your buyer a big impression for you. You will gain their trust and may result to a successful transaction and a good relationship with them.

• Take Notes (Buyers)
Notes are very important especially for the buyers. Pros and cons are really important to know. Weigh everything. Know everything about the real estate that you are looking for and when the time that you find one, know the pros and cons of that property. You may also create a rating scale o that you may weigh everything that you have to consider.

• Cool it For a While (Buyers)
In buying a real estate, it may cost you much amount of money. It is the reason for you to avoid making huge capital purchases like buying a new car, or maybe opening new account for credit cards, or having huge debit before buying a property. You must also avoid changing banks, and changing jobs before purchasing a real estate.

buy real estate• The Price is Right (Buyers)
You may have the accurate home pricing from the outset that may give you idea in the right pricing of the house. It is a way for you to be wise and to be conscious in this matter. Always be mindful with the pricing of the agents. $ 200,000 is very different from $ 195,000. The difference of this example may help you with the expenses of the other parts for the house and the property.

Either buyer or seller, these things are really important in real estate industry. May this article help you.